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In folk cultures the complex system of folk customs regulated and determined the everyday lives and festivities of the members of long-established communities.

As a consequence of the social and economic changes that have taken place over the past century, the entire system of traditions has been reshaped and it has become part of our everyday lives to continually pass on folk customs between nations and cultures.

The peasants’ calendar and time schedule did not adjust to the time measured by the clock.In our country, for example, the new year began at Christmas on 25 December.The first of January was the beginning of the year in the secular calendar and became widespread after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1582.For the people the concept of time was marked by concrete events that happened to them or happened in their surroundings (e.g.ever since I had my wits, when I was a lad, when I served in the army, when I was a baby clinging to mummy, I have lived long enough etc.).

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