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Night after night, you'll be able to hear Jeff, LIVE, in high quality 32k and 56k formats, for Windows Media Player, Win Amp (which works with i Tunes or Quicktime! And you can download the programs and have them with you wherever you go to enjoy, share, be entertained by and learned from.

The Jeff Rense Program continues forward and is now entering its 25th YEAR of service to all those who seek reality.

There are over 20,000 guestsoften brilliant peoplefor you to listen to.

The Rense Archives are often referred to as the worlds greatest radio Archive of conversations with over 20,000 often fascinating people.

All flights and transfers you have to arrange yourself.

So its costing us about 300 on top of the 29 for the 3 of us (plus of course all food etc out there as its self catering).

Of course, our subscribers ALSO receive direct access to the most fascinating, consistently amazing LIVE M-F talk and information program in radio.The Rense Archives have been praised as the most vital collection of knowledge and information on the internet. Do not use bookmarks you've made in the past to access anything.With the Server change, some things are not named or located where they once were.Jeff & Clay & Shawn Pickering - Deep Source Richard, ETs, Jim Marrs - Pt 1 Jeff & Dr. Jeff & Catherine Austin Fitts - TRILLION, The Financial Coup & Rings Of Saturn Jeff & Gerald Celente - The Crypto Explosion And 'Blockchain Democracy' Jeff & Cody Snodgres - BLOCKBUSTER! I have just had a phone call from Club La Costa following a survery I did last year.

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