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Browse all your photos in i Cloud Photo Library, and read and share documents saved in i Cloud Drive — even those you keep in your desktop and Documents folder on your Mac.

You can also access features like Find My i Phone, Notes, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, i Work for i Cloud, and more.

Learn more about i Cloud Drive You get 5GB of free i Cloud storage to get started.

If you have larger collections of photos, videos, or documents and more devices to back up, you can easily upgrade your storage plan — up to 2TB.

And you can easily invite people to view, download, or work on a file with you from anywhere.

All your i Cloud content — like photos, documents, and contacts — is encrypted when sent over the Internet and, in most cases, when stored on our servers.If we use third-party vendors to store your information, we encrypt it and never give them the keys.And security enhancements like two-factor authentication help to ensure that the important information in your account can only be accessed by you, and only with your devices.Family Sharing makes it easy to set up and share just the features your family needs.Your family will also get a shared photo album that lets everyone add photos they choose to share, a family calendar, and the ability to help locate each others’ missing devices.

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